bo 37 things to know about me

.about me


Okay, I exaggerated a little bit. There isn't 37 things about me at all, I am quite boring!

But to tell you a little bit about myself, I am 21 years old and study in Edinburgh, Scotland. I don't have a Scottish accent, because my mama and papa aren't British at all, and I actually moved here to study. Hopefully I graduate in a few years and get my BEng Computing degree.

I don't understand printers and speak two languages.


Lately I haven't had many hobbies, but I usually spend time watching TV shows and films, listening to > music, sometimes podcasts... And occasionally I open a > book.

Other than that, I kinda enjoy playing > Kingdom of Loathing (though I still haven't finished it), watching youtubers such as > Pushing Up Roses, > LGR, > Computerphile, occasionally > ASAPSCIENCE and many others.

I love reading webcomics, currently it's mainly > XKCD, > the oatmeal, and > SMBC.

.where can you find me

That's a good question! over the years, i've been on many sites just so i could lose interest and leave my unused acounts behind.

After a massive campaign by my classmate, I've registered on > my anime list. Don't expect much from me there though, I am not obsessed with Japanese cartoons and comics, though I watch/read them from time to time.

If you wanna look at photos I take on my phone or just what I look like rn, try my > instragram.

social media: your best bet is probably > my twitter @captainkuromaru (it's not locked so you can just read my tweets if you are into that. though be warned, my account is bilingual)

I (in)frequent > euphoria rooms > XKCD and > music. So I guess you could try your luck there too.

For my code and other useless stuff, I'd suggest you visit my > github.

If you are into the whole encryption 'n shit stuff, you can check out my > keybase profile.

.(not so) random facts about me

I told ya I am boring...