.i am still alive

For some reason evey time someone (me included) says "still alive" I remember > GlaDOS singing the song, so of course I have to put link here.

As mentioned in the title, I am alive. I'm... okayish?, passed my exams though. So that's one nice thing that happened to me recently :) Other than that, everything seems the same. Though I am visiting my family in July, everyone keeps telling me how how it is there so I am kinda afraid I am gonna melt there. Why does it have to be so hot on this planet? :/

So I've recently talked to > jeremyreadhead about how sites on neocities disappear... Sadly that means they are gone for good. That made me think someone should start archiving these websites, but we both agreed there's an issue of privacy - many these websites contain private stuff. I was wondering if the community could make a badge or something for the websites where authors don't mind to get archived if their website or the whole neocities dies one day.

Think of it as learning from Geocities. There's so much content on neocities that would be a great loss if it was gone with no kind of mirror. With a badge saying the author is okay with getting archived, the community would know which websites are morally okay to save if anything happens to the original. I don't know, it's just a thought.


see you, space cowboy