.on my life

Not that much has happened to me, but to tell you about a few recent things...

My other website ( > is running again, yay. There isn't much and it actually links back here for a blog. Though I've started writing a > script for static blog generation It's a shell script, so it's easy to use.. though right now it can't do that much besides making post files and index files... I am planning to add archive function and some other features later. But it's nice to do something again (even though this was like 10 mins work lol).

If you haven't seen BONDiNG on Netflix, I quite liked it so I'm recommending that one. A quite funny show, although pretty short (7 episodes I think). If you don't have anything else to do, check it out.

I have a pretty vape pen :3 (pics to be added later), it cost so much... but I am not complaining.

I really need to see my doctor, because I am off my meds and it's really shit tbh :/

And I am leaving you with that last bit today, lol.


see you, space cowboy