.update on my life: sequel


I've started working (more or less) on my main website (my own server, so no point linking there) when on breaks from studying. There's not much yet though. I can't really find motivation for anything... including eating. I forget to eat again (that quite sucks to be honest).

.on daria

Also I've rewatched Daria again... it's such a great show. I am kinda sorry I missed out on the active fandom back in the day, it must have been amazing. One of my most favourite episodes is Boxing Daria. That episode just speaks to me.

However, I remembered why I hated Tom so much... he was so annoying. Unlike some fans, I don't mind Daria being "boy crazy" (she never was though), I think it was a nice character development to give her a boyfriend... and her being emotional, illogical and stuff - that's just being a teenager! Heck, I am still like that. I just can't stand Tom himself. (And yes, the fact I shipped her with Trent couldn't help either)

.dumb stuff i've done lately

Firstly, I locked myself out of my tubmlr. How, you ask? Well, let me tell you... 2-FA is great and all, but not if your phone does crap and you lose your authenticator. Let this be a lesson for me. After you back up your codes, try to save them somewhere safe so you can actually find them when you need them. Not like what happened now - it's somewhere, no idea where though. Oh well, it was a stupid blog anyway.

.last few words for today

If you haven't seen One day at a time, please do so... it's a wonderful show :)


see you, space cowboy