.update on my life

I ran out of my meds and haven't made a new appointment with my GP yet, so you can imagine it's been a rollecoaster. Not fun. I gotta get a new prescription soon though. It's seriously affecting my life. depression emoticon gif

Because I am utter mess, I gotta do my exams in July... (as my first attempt). It looks shaky right now... But I gotta pass if I wanna matriculate to another year. So hopefully I manage to pass somehow . determined emoticon gif

After my exams I really wanna code that static page generator I mentioned previously. And I'd love to do it Golang ( so far no experience with the language but seems like a great opportuninty to learn a bit about it. We'll see though. If I actually did so, I would publish it on github so anyone interested could use it. ( Viva la free software! ) cheer emoticon gif

Other than that, I am also planning to rewrite the code so the website is responsive 'n stuff... also add an option to choose colour palette (green on black is not that easily readable for colour blind...) for easier browsing. And the whole website is gonna be published on github so I can take advantage of the revision system.

Also I am getting kicked out from my flat in August (the landlord is selling the place) and I haven't found another one yet... crying emoticon gif So who knows, maybe I am going to look for shelters for the next year... sigh

Also, guys... if you haven't seen The Good Place ( I think it's Netflix show? ), definitely give it a try... It was great, and the actress from Veronica Mars is playing the lead! ( you can tell I love her so much :3 )

Yeah, not much has happened in my life lately... so I am gonna end this post with the series recommendation... But fear not, I am gonna post something new pretty soon...

Till next time, stay shiny.