.on the future of this blag and webweb

I've already had a blag on many sites. I am old, I am 21 (2018). I've seen things, I've seen websites rise and fall. So there's no surprise I've had the same enthusiasm about blagging as others on this site, but it has slowly died out over the years. Now I see myself more of an occasional complainer and ranter. Most of the time in the form of social media updates (that nobody reads, really). But I've decided to change that. I want a place where I can voice my opinion. Obviously, it would be better on my own website, so I don't have to care what are the ToS of the service I am currently using, but... I don't see myself as someone who has any controversial opinions and views.

(Not gonna talk about freedom of speech and stuff like that. Not the time, neither the place.)

Having a blag means means often updates. Maintaining this website becomes tedious as it is, because my current system consists of manual updating of menu/sidebar element on every page. And I don't do it that often right now. Imagine what it's gonna be like when I start regular blagging.

And so I am thinking about using webpage generators that would automise all these behind the scene things. Though all I could find on the internet were... well, apparently not for me. And so (I am repeating myself) there's a possibility I'll code it myself (as an exercise?). That means, however, that we won't see this uberuseful program any time soon. I consider myself quite busy lazy, and so it could take quite some time for me to actually get to it.

Though I could start sketching the rough idea of the program soon, so who knows... Maybe I'll be surprisingly hard-working (instead of hardly working) this time and you will see 37 webweb 2.0 sooner than expected.thumbs up emoticon gif

Stay tuned in for more meta stuff about my webpage and/or slice of life stuff from my everyday misadventures.
Till then, stay shiny.